Who manages the band Camino?

Who manages the band Camino? Brad Frey is The Band Camino’s tour manager and the founder of a brand called All Is Well.

How do I contact the Camino band? Fill out a booking request form for The Band Camino, or call our office at 1.800. 698.2536 to discuss your upcoming event.

Who are the members of the band Camino? Comprised of members Jeffery Jordan, Graham Rowell, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess, The Band CAMINO have released two EP’s (2017’s Heaven and 2016’s My Thoughts On You), and an array of anthemic and gleaming singles that have collectively amassed over 70 Million streams in the U.S. alone.

Is the band Camino Canadian? The Band Camino (stylized as The Band CAMINO) is an American rock band. Established in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2015, the group is now based in Nashville.

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Why is it called The Band CAMINO?

The band’s name came a little randomly: The founding members couldn’t decide from a list of possible names when they happened to see a Chevrolet El Camino. They liked that “camino” means “path” or “way” in Spanish and that the word “band” is in the title.

How old is Spencer from The Band CAMINO?

While Jordan, 26, handles lead vocals for this song and is also a guitarist within the group, the other talented members include singer and guitarist, Spencer Stewart, 27, and drummer, Garrison Burgess, 25.

Why did Graham Rowell leave The Band CAMINO?

The Band Camino Remove Bass Player Graham Rowell Amid Accusations of Sexual Misconduct With Fans. The Band Camino have removed Graham Rowell as their bass player after accusations of sexual misconduct between him and fans reportedly surfaced online.

Who is opening for band Camino 2022?

Opening up for The Band CAMINO are openers Flor and Hastings. Tickets to see The Band Camino at The Novo will go on sale on Friday, November 5, at 10 a.m. via AXS for $29.50 to $65 each plus service fees.

Where did The Band CAMINO go to college?

Friends since their high school days, Jeffrey Jordan (vocals, guitar), Spencer Stewart (vocals, guitar), Graham Rowell (bass), and Andrew Isbell (drums) formed the Band Camino in 2015 while attending the University of Memphis.

Is The Band CAMINO married?

Rachel and I got married in June 2020 and we had made the record. 2020 was a great year for my personal life because I got to marry a woman I love and make a record with the boys that I love. I had a good time.

Who did The Band CAMINO opening for?

It had been 914 days since The Band CAMINO headlined a show in Los Angeles. On Friday, April 8, the band put on an outstanding performance at The Novo for their self-titled album tour. The night started with opening acts from Hastings and Flor.

What genre is band Camino?

The Band Camino / Genre

Who plays drums for The Band CAMINO?

The pop-rock three-piece (singers/guitarists Jeffery Jordan and Spencer Stewart, and drummer Garrison Burgess) have been honing their dynamic Band Camino sound since relocating from Memphis to Nashville in 2018.

How long is The Band CAMINO concert?

The Band Camino concerts typically last 1.5 hours.

Who plays bass for The Band CAMINO?

In the midst of the group’s first nationwide tour to promote their first album, lead vocalist Jeffery Jordan, guitarist Spencer Stewart and bass guitarist Garrison Burgess played at the Ritz for the second time; in 2018, they opened at the venue for singer-songwriter Ben Rector.

Is The Band CAMINO famous?

The Band Camino have been around for five years, pumping out popular singles and the terrific EP “tryhard” that feature their propulsive, hook-heavy blend of rock and pop with confessional lyrics and a sly sense of humor.

What does The Band CAMINO song?

The Band Camino/Songs

How many songs does The Band CAMINO have?

Across 14 tracks, The Band CAMINO proves that they are a band in the business of big feelings—and it feels good. Who Do You Think You Are?

Is The Band CAMINO a boy band?

They don’t really remember any that were rejected, until Rowell tries to recollect if they were going to name it something with the word “pop” in the title, and then Stewart chimes in stating it was “Boy Band.” Jordan confirms this, explaining “Boy band! It’s the same idea. Boy band.

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